How it works?

CREAM is a solution developed by ALAN Systems and dedicated to the four key areas in business: customer service, sales, marketing and internal communications. It provides fast and precise communication and full access to the data needed to perform the tasks assigned to a particular job.

CREAM brings the entire spectrum of their functionality to a company, and it also integrates with systems already operating in the company acting as a sort of cap on it. Just like in the biotechnological laboratories, we graft CREAM on to a „molecules“ chain- that is the information system operating in the company. Integration is so full that after CREAM implementation, a more advanced and efficient IT-ecosystem has been created.

Approach change is necessary

IT investments in the company are not going on at a steady pace. For example, investment in customer service means cutting funds in other areas. The fact that all key areas should be developed steadily. This is not possible without changing the perspective of the organization and systems operating in the company.

Therefore, all programs in the company should create mutually complementary single chain of molecules – referring to DNA. Most often this is not possible because developers do not make it for compliance and cooperation with other solutions. The situation changes about 180 degrees if the company implements CREAM.

The amount of data beyond the best brains

People managing the company have an increasing problem with the amount of information and analysis of data from different systems. If we add to this the need to log in to different systems to get the information you need, it is not surprising that a large part of managers will receive reports from the supervisors of individual departments.

Ilość danych przerasta najtęższe umysły

Firstly, however, the manager instead of concentrating on work, wastes the time on filling the next table in Excel, and secondly- has the chance to vamp the reality up. Only direct access to the real-time information and the most important data from different systems presented in a single window allow the managers to keep an eye on it.

Information security is important

Many companies are aware of the data protection but do not have the funds to invest in expensive security systems. A solution is to organize the access rights, but in practice it often turns out not to be entirely effective.

With CREAM it looks differently. Thanks to employee’s profiles the user has access only to the information that is necessary for effective work. In this way data security is guaranteed and unauthorized persons have no access to certain areas.

Do not be a slave of a desktop

Managing such an important area in the company as the customer service, sales or marketing and internal communication seems possible only with your desktop computer. And so is in case of many solutions that have been created when the mobile revolution were only a dream of futurists.

CREAM has been created in a completely new era. Its creators have had totally innovative approach to mobile devices. This solution in the cloud allows you to work on many devices, from desktop computers, laptops to tablets, tap phones, phablets, ending on smartphones.

CREAM access is possible via a web browser and a number of mobile applications. All products belonging to CREAM family communicate with one another, so it does not matter in what way the solution is used. Changes made on one device are available on all of them.

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