• Calls and Messages are now unified into one view Communication

  • Appointments, Communication and Tasks can be used as Case items, when defining a workflow

  • User can create an activity without defining dates (timeplan is optional)

  • User can now define easily an activity lasting the full day, by checking a checkbox and setting a date

  • User can now postpone all activities: Appointments, Communication and Tasks

  • All activities (appointments, communication, tasks) are now validated because of calendar conflicts

  • System sends a mail notification with ICS file also when an activity is updated or deleted

  • When adding a new activity in the calendar, the old popup is now removed and replaced by type swither in creation form

  • When working on a Task which is a part of a Case, user can now see all comments from this Task, related Case and other Tasks


  • User can now define many personal configurations when working on the Dashboard

  • Administrator can now define many global configurations for a Dashboard

  • User can choose from global and personal configurations and switch Dashboard view

  • User can now filter by category, when working with widgets gallery (system widgets have predefined categories, dedicated widgets can have their own categories – decision is made by customer)


  • Filtering for all lists is enhanced: always visible in the action bar, more elastic, better appearance and memorized individually for a user by the system

  • Setting, removing, reseting filters is consolidated

  • Actions which are available on elements in all lists are now enhanced into collapsible menu

  • New text editor is now enabled for better compatibility of the description/content fields


  • Handle action is now enabled on Cases list

  • When defining a workflow, user can now add steps between existing steps

  • User can now archive selected case definition/activity definition

  • Published status of case/activity definition is now displayed in the lists

  • User can now filter by published status in case/activity definition lists


  • User can now filter contacts by traits (in the list and while selecting contacts to campaign target list)

  • External systems can now display contact view by using their external reference key

  • User can now search by external reference key in global search


  • User can now resize columns when displaying report tables – User can reconfigure widgets by starting from old configuration values.