Mobile Consulting

Your customers may live all around the world or they may travel a lot or they just do not want to leave the house. However, your customers get your advise anytime and anywhere on their smartphone.

For free or for a fee

Provide free or paid communication and advisory services. Advice on everyday problems, on medical or legal issues, on spiritual or astrological questions. Offer easy payment options per single question or packages.

Happy Customers

Your customers enjoy your excellent service. They benefit from chats and VoIP calls, conversation history, balance and available questions, various payment options and many languages.

Communication that pays off


Grow your business

Provide paid communication and advisory services to retain your valuable customers and to win new customers on new channels. Analyse customer satifaction and behaviour. Simplify the work of your experts.

This could be interesting:

CREAM assistant more than a personal organizer.

See important customers always on top of your contact list. Get crucial information on your screen before you pick up the phone.

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