CREAM for a customer care

How it works?

CREAM is a solution dedicated to customer service departments. It increases the efficiency and speed of reaction and response to customer inquiries. It is a SaaS (cloud) solution – it does not require additional funds on infrastructure.

All the work on one screen

During the contact with the customer CREAM gets all relevant information from specified systems. It displays the history of a customer, implemented notifications, pending complaints, etc. CREAM is a personalised tool that allows a company to individual adjustment of information displayed.

Moreover, CREAM allows each consultant to configure his or her own desktop, and even a few desktops. The purpose is to work more efficiently and ergonomically.

Inquiries are placed where they should

CREAM analyses each question and automatically adjusts it to the competent employees. During the tool configuration, each consultant is described by the prism of qualities and skills he has. So that he deals only with those cases that are appropriate to his position in the organisation.

CREAM care

Manager has everything under control

Team leaders can use CREAM for active control of the efficiency of individual employees. Built-in reports inform and built-in business intelligence make available such information as:
– Actual time of work of individual consultants
– To examine the time of one conversation with the customer
– How many calls a day the employee is able to perform
– What are the effects of these actions

Manager, on the basis of a summary of employees’ current activities, can more fully evaluate the efficiency and commitment of individuals and teams. He will be able to plan their work more accurately, indicate employees performing tasks quickly and check their actual working time. This allows more accurate matching purposes with real possibilities of employees. With reports he is able to detect temporary declines of capacity quickly and counteract them.

Full integration WITH communication channels

CREAM can be integrated with the communication channels used by customer service departments:
– email
– chat
– sms
– telephone (inbound and outbound)
– social media
– web contact form

CREAM care

Mobile application. To be online while offline

CREAM is a desktop solution. However, thanks to the system architecture and the location of data in the cloud, the access is possible through a dedicated mobile application -CREAM assistant.

CREAM assistant is a mobile advisor located in the smartphone. It helps to organize the work, build the relationships with customers, it will not forget about important arrangements and things to do.

CREAM assistant is:
– Quick access to needed information,
– Data exchange with colleagues, lack of communication gaps,
– During an incoming call, the most important information about the caller is displayed,
– Excellent work organization of customer service expert thanks to extensive organizer functions,
– Allows you to keep track of implementation plan, incoming queries, complaints, etc.

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