• Case workflow definition is now enhanced with a possibility to add more activities of the same type to one step

  • New action “Transfer” for activities is added to enable traits change on selected activity and transfer to other employees


  • New feature allowing user to prepare production order for delivery of:

  • existing product (already defined in product catalogue) of existing kind (size, color, …) or new kind of such product

  • new product, that is predefined for production order

  • Production orders

  • have their own workflow implemented for tracking their status properly

  • have each item packing (multi-level) defined

  • can generate formal document that can be sent to vendor

  • Definition of packaging for production orders

  • It is possible to define any packaging (like box)

  • packaging can have internal EAN codes and they can be generated automatically


  • New „current time” marker is displayed as red line to show the current timeline on day view and week view


  • Full list of notifications and reminders is now enhanced with grouping by time (just like activity stream)


  • New API added based on Dav Standard, which enables external systems to add/update contacts

  • New API function added to enable search by external id for external systems


  • Performance significantly improved for save/handle case/quick resolve action

  • Performance significantly improved for data sync with mobile devices

  • Stability of user interface improved for mechanisms which could lead to increasing memory consumption by the web browser

  • Stability improved in situation, where parallel generation of campaigns with 10000+ target lists could lead to mutual locks

  • Performance improved for saving traits in cases/activities generated during campaigns

  • Performance and stability improved of case/activity number reservation during campaign generation

  • Performance improved for listing comments

  • Performance improved for searching in traits hierarchy tree (different scenarios)

  • New performance indicators were added for future usage when analyzing system health

  • New mechanism added for widgets to enable fitting its content to space available on the dashboard

  • Filtering mechanism is now enhanced with a possibility to clear filter value (on dropdown) without removing the filter itself

  • Autocomplete mechanism is now enhanced with highlighting the user phrase on available results

  • German translations improved