• During case creation on Workflow tab system will now automatically pre-filter activity definitions with employee traits

  • During case/activity creation, if user will choose a definition, system will automatically ask if all form fields should be filled from that definition
    (manual clicking of special button is no more needed)


  • A validation of target list CSV file has been added (only UTF-8 file coding allowed) during campaign/creation or adjusting target list


  • During request handling with „Create case” window, system will automatically pre-filter case definitions with request traits


  • Product View is now enhanced with a new Dashboard tab, where system can present related product data using widgets


  • Multiple phone assignment for employee profile has been enabled


  • Trait filters on lists are now displaying not only values, but also path of the value in the dictionary as breadcrumb

  • Filter memorizing mechanism is now enhanced in situation, where user adds filter to a list, but doesn’t fill it with value yet

  • Text Filters are now enhanced in situation, where user was filling them with value and before applying them

  • Views: „My Contacts”, „Open Cases”, „Open Tasks”, “Open communication”, “Open appointments” are now enhanced with a possibility to delete an item directly from the list

  • German translations for all confirmation messages are enhanced


  • Significantly improved access/search performance of activities and cases by dividing actual and archive data

  • Significantly improved stability of campaign generation process by balanced distribution of workload to all system resources,
    additionally reducing impact to user work performance

  • System background services are now being deactivated during new version deployment to eliminate collision of data manipulation and ongoing data migration

  • Performance of Contact View pages and Employee View pages is now significantly improved

  • More bigger and smaller code changes/refactoring