• System gathers and displays detailed information on your main dashboard (widget Stream) and for requests, cases and activities about following user actions:

    • Element created, deleted, updated + list of all changed fields

    • Employee:

    • Adds/edits/deletes a comment

    • Changes traits, all added and removed values displayed in a list

    • Starts/stops progress of work on the element

    • Postpones an activity to a specific deadline

    • Solves/cancels an element and writes resolution/cause

    • Assigned another person to the element

    • Shanges requester of a request

    • Attaches request to a case

    • Changes case workflow, all added, removed and moved activities displayed in a list

    • Changes attachments, all added and removed files displayed in a list

  • Tweeting functionality on main dashboard in widget Stream is removed


  • Mailbox configuration module enhanced with a possibility to define mailboxes for in and outbound e-mails

  • Send e-mailwidget enhanced with a possibility to select from which mailbox the email/reply will be sent

  • Send e-mailwidget enhanced with automatic mailbox selection, when used on activity which is a reply to a request within the case (mailbox set as the same as the one that request was sent to)

  • Send e-mail widget enhanced with a possibility to automatic closure of activity


  • Activity definitions enhanced with a color and priority

  • Activity definitions enhanced with a possibility to define many dashboard profiles


  • System gives a possibility to display selected filter as a tree view during action Create Case (in the modal window)


  • Calendar List View styling enhanced

  • Better readability for lists on smaller screens by limiting row height to two lines

  • Permission matrix navigation enhanced by setting all column headers and first column as fixed (displayed all the time)

  • Error Validation for field length is more consistent

  • Display of assigned employee in Views optimized for employees with long names

  • Active state for buttons enhanced by displaying button in color

  • Ordered and unordered list display fixed for comments/descriptions


  • Significantly improved access/search performance of requests by dividing actual and archive data

  • Event flow monitoring mechanism enabled to increase system diagnostic data

  • Improved performance for displaying comments

  • Performance of Request/Case/Activity/Campaign View pages is now significantly improved

  • Overall user interface performance improved