• Action stream is now available on Case/Activity/Request View pages as an additional History tab, where:

    • Full details of each action/change is presented

    • Filtering is available: by action type, show comments only, show communication only, show requests only

    • Additional information related to communication is displayed: request, sent email and recorded call details

  • New third list type „History” available in Contact View page in „Case” tab, where action stream is presented for each of contact cases.


  • Calendar filtering is now enhanced:

    • Possibility to display calendar of other employee, contact, resource or team

    • Possibility to display activities by status (by default only Open and In progress are shown)

    • Possibility to change activity coloring by original or priority color

  • Team calendar will display business hours (if defined for a team)

  • Calendar will use team business hours definition when checking for eventual time conflict for a planned activity

  • Calendar will now display activities for selected employee if he is assigned, participant or creator of an activity

  • When calendar widget is maximized, full schedule is shown (all hours visible in one screen)

  • Calendar will display a message if dragged activity cannot be moved, because it was locked in the meantime by another employee

  • New filter by priority in the list of activities (tasks, appointments, communication) was added

  • New filtering possibilities in Contact View page in „Activities” tab, analogically to activities lists


  • Information about employees assigned to workflow activities is now displayed in Case View in „Workflow” tab and in the case expanded view in the case list.


  • An option added to define business hours, which are then presented in calendar and used to check time conflicts when planning an activity.


  • Date/time filters are enhanced with a possibility to put a strict value or a range

  • Bulk operations are now enhanced with a possibility to select which items will be affected from a source list

  • New bulk operation: Finish selected activities added

  • Possibility to add team as participant added – system will split selected to its members after selection

  • Filtering by name added to modal window used for selecting traits

  • “My Teams” tab added to Contact Book and Campaigns dashboard

  • System automatically marks form fields with a green border, when value is valid


  • Displaying calendar performance improved

  • Administrative functionality to find and removed unused files in the repository added

  • Performance of campaign and team list improved

  • Performance and reliability of scoring mechanism (used by mobile apps) improved