• New capability to define case rules, which are analyzing case age, status and traits in order give case a proper rank

  • Possibility to lock case while starting work has been added (lock icon is displayed in the list for other employees – similarly to request and activities)

  • New capability to define custom actions in the case has been added. After a selected activity definition is marked as custom action, a new button will appear in the case and when clicked, system will display an inline section with widgets (from activity definition)

  • Employee, who cancels a case, will be automatically assigned as responsible person in the case


  • Possibility to create case automatically from request (based on request rules action) has been added
    (z wyborem czy jest to pusta sprawa, czy sprawa na podstawie definicji)

  • Possibility to mark a request rule as finishing has been added (system will not process next rules, if that one is valid)

  • Manual request creation process is now enhanced, that after clicking Handle button, system will automatically create a case and display case view

  • A request will be automatically cancelled after all related cases are cancelled


  • Contact View is now enhanced with “History” tab, which presents all major changes to data during edition


  • New field Salesman has been added to order in order to optimize sales process

  • Presentation of minimum quantity in the product has been added

  • New widget “Orders report” displaying amounts of orders for team/salesman/status has been added

  • Order permissions has been improved in order to optimize sales process


  • Stream and History tabs were improved in a way, that longer comments/resolutions are by default collapsed

  • Mobile search has been improved, it uses now global search page for showing results

  • Dashboard editor has been improved with new layout options (1/5 segments are available)


  • Lock mechanism in activities speed improved

  • Campaign publishing for 10000+ targets speed improved