• Possibility to stop progress on a case/activity is now added, status will automatically change from „In progress” to „Open”

  • Possibility to reopen a case/activity is now added (with a comment and for cases with redefinition of workflow), which results on changing status from “Done” or “Cancelled” to “Reopened”

  • Postpone functionality for activities is now significantly improved by displaying new status “Postponed” and automatically checking for eventual time conflicts with other activities

  • Case View is now improved with a new tab “Dashboard”, which helps analyzing customer context by displaying additional widgets (without having to navigate through workflow steps, where widgets were only available previously)

  • Case View is now improved with a new tab „Participant History”, which displays all cases of related customer

  • Case View is now improved with a possibility to define own custom details section as a replacement for regular one, by defining specific dashboard with widgets, useful in deployments, where regular details section does not display sufficient customer information

  • For activities related to campaigns, during planning next step, the postpone period is now changed from 2 hours to default 1 day, with a possibility to change it and have it memorized by the system individually for each user


  • Possibility to reopen a request is now added

  • New bulk operation to unlock selected requests is now added


  • Validation messages for edition forms were unified

  • Filtering and sorting by producer was added to products list

  • Orders list is now enhanced with assigned to person information

  • Order edition form is optimized for easier note management


  • Possibility to remove tenant data is now added for multi-tenant deployments


  • „Assign To” functionality is now enhanced with a possibility to comment

  • Main menu navigation is optimized to work with popular tablets and smartphones

  • Date filters now display time difference between dates in selected range


  • New monitoring abilities are now available by sharing system statistics for external monitoring tools