• New case escalation functionality added. It gives possibility to handle multi-level workflows where in several levels different specialists work on a case. After finding out a solution the case returns to escalating employee who gives a proper answer to a customer

  • Case highlight in the list added to indicate that new requests were automatically assigned to the case and raise user attention

  • New tab “Escalated” in Open Cases View added, which shows all cases which were escalated from me or other employees with equal traits

  • Escalation history is now part of Stream/History tab in case

  • Bulk operations for resolve, cancellation and employee assignment added to case list

  • Case ranking value is now displayed in Case View in the main details section


  • Possibility to plan a next contact with a client straight from resolving a task in outbound contact widget improved. Planned task is present in a calendar with a notification attached. Each task has priority which defines it`s color in a calendar

    System will show a warning if the planned task will be moved to past time


  • Added expand and collapse for long comments/descriptions for better readability and performance

    System will show full trait hierarchy path in a tooltip on mouseover


  • Categories of products are now shown with a placement within a category tree, for example category/subcategory/products

    Possibility to unlock EAN 13 code locked by a mistake added

    Subsequent selection of a product causes adding it to already existing item in an order

    Possibility to update product categories from a prepared file added


  • Independent activity flags for inbox and outbox are now displaed for better maintenance


  • Key shortcuts for: info panel expanding/collapsing, saving, closing, handling, commenting, deleting

    Selectable columns in views. It is also possible to add columns with traits values. Selected columns are stored in a web browser


  • Color scheme unification with actual CREAM brand book

    Colors for button states (default, mouseover, clicked, disabled) improved


  • New field Owner added to Tenant management

    Possibility to change tenant data during lifetime added