• Ability to merge contacts has been added, which gives ability to manage duplicates. Merge can be done either automatically (system creates sum of data) or manually (user can decide, which details will stay in the result).

  • Enhanced permissions for contacts: View My Contacts and My Contacts Access. Ability to limit data visibility with read-only or full access.

  • Attendants of contact – list of users who can see and use a contact as people supporting key account manager (assigned to).


  • Ability to define Case Dashboard by definition. When case is created from definition, appropriate dashboard is shown (specificly for the case type). Rough cases remain with generic dashboard (as previously).

  • Activity Icons in workflow designer and in the expanded row (workflow view) in case list are now improved.


  • Dashboard tab in Activity view will be hidden if there are no widgets defined.

  • Possibility to show initiated activities in Calendar and in lists as optional status. By default they are now shown.

  • Color of status Initiated is now silver.


  • Update in discount validation: discounts sum may exceed the total price.

  • Removed status “Booked” from EAN13 code.


  • Orders in which the user is a salesman appears in Deal+. Contacts of customers, salesmen and assignees of synchronized orders also appear in contact book.


  • Initiated activities may be appear in mobile Assistant if user selects this option in application settings. (Android, iOS).

  • Redesigned resolution of activities – looks better and is more intuitive. Used also when creating a summary of call. (Android, iOS – only resolution).

  • Ability to create an activity longer then one day but with no hours set – all day activity. (iOS).