• New tab in My contacts – Supported, which presents all contacts where current user is an attendant.

  • Branch units are now sorted alphabetically in Contact View.

  • Small enhancements of merging contacts: selecting target by clicking on its name, more filtering options added.

  • Merging contacts functionality may be hidden for users by appropriate setting in party preferences. Useful, when standard users should not merge business contacts without manager knowlegde.


  • Orders are now visible in case view in tab Related. It’s now possible to attach, detach and move orders between cases. It is a part of closer integration of care and sales functions – see also Sales section.

  • More filtering options added when selecting a case during merge operation.


  • Related cases are visible in order view. It’s now possible to attach an order to existing case or create new case with the order attached. Orders inherit traits from cases if created from them. It gives possibility to integrate sales and support processes.

  • Ability to configure order rules has been added. Rules may contain several conditions using values of status, traits of customer or order, net price. If conditions are met the rule may create a new case (also using case definition).


  • Sorting by title has been added to lists of requests.


  • Dashboard profile visibility may be limited by permissions of user. Each profile may have assigned list of roles required to see and use the profile. Useful when business managers prepare data sensitive dashboard profiles, which should not be visible for standard users.


  • Redesigned grid view in lists – improved readability and appearance on mobile devices.


  • Rebuilt of communication with CREAM server – improved stability of iOS Assistant and iOS Deal+.

  • Redesigned user interface of Android Assistant – modern and consistent with web CREAM.

  • Assistant locks an activity during editing. Editing an activity locked by other user is not allowed. (And Assistant)

  • Color of initiated activities is similar to the one used in web CREAM. (And Assistant)