• Possibility to add new participants while being on activity edition form has been added.

  • Enhanced timeplan functionality, moving “date from” will also move “date to” with equal duration between dates to a new point of time.


  • Email notifications are now sent only for important changes in activities: name, dates, status, location, assigned to person or participants.

  • Email notification contains now a detailed list of changes, displaying value before and after change (like History tab).

  • While changing participants list, email notification will be now sent only to added or deleted participants.

  • Email notification contains now link to activity in CREAM.

  • Reminders are shown now as pageable list in dropdown like web notifications.


  • New public integration API has been added for easier connectivity with external databases.


  • Import mechanism has been enhanced to allow importing all visible data in CREAM. Teams additionally have now a possibility to import supervisor information as well.


  • Products and orders have been enhanced with better action stream and detailed “History” tab. System now collects and display all changes, also for price matrix details and order items.


  • Review and cleanup in permission matrix.


  • List column management enhanced with option to reset to default settings and improved in speed and stability.

  • Main menu design changes: functional areas are now displayed as icon and text, using less space (useful on tablets and narrow screens).

  • Automatic application refresh is now available after rollout, no need to manually refresh in web browser/clean cache.