• Option t add potential customers – leads (not existing in Contact Book) has been added. Such customers are described in CSV file. File might contain additional columns with attributes, which will be used in campaign reporting. Creation of campaign might add such customers to contact book (as option). Customers can be also registered with a bulk change anytime during the campaign. Unregistered customers will not be displayed as participants of campaign cases.

  • Target list update is now simplified. With CSV file, more customers can be added – file validation requires that only customer identifier is present now.

  • Campaign publish proces is now simplified:

    • Publishing shortened into 2 steps (1 – upload, 2 – publish) despite from actual 3 steps (with case assignments).

    • Case assignment method can now defined as fully automated user selection & assignment, manual user selection & automated assignment, manual individual one-by-one assignment (as it was before).

  • Unpublished campaign target can be now easily removed.

  • Easier campaign period management, system shifts finish date automatically after start date is changed.


  • Possibility to add activity series has been added. User can define finish date of the cycle, duration between activities, optionally limit to business days only. Both whole series and single activity can be edited.

  • All day activities now support more than one day period.


  • Mail notifications improved with possibility to choose during activity edition from selected options: send to all (customers and employees), employees only, nobody.

  • Mail notification ICS calendar invites are now extended with support for resolving or cancelling an activity, which synchronizes with external calendar.

  • Send email widget gives now possibility to select from more than one template. Templates now support long lasting discussions.


  • Option to add new contact while being on request creation form has been added.


  • Starting or stopping progress on the case automatically changes progress of activities in workflow.

  • Transfer option is now enhanced with possibility to stop progress on the case and unassign employee automatically.

  • Easier case period management, system shifts finish date automatically after start date is changed.


  • Actions in Cart view are now visually matching other views.

  • Option to add products with price of 10 billion is now available.


  • New column „Comment” available in Case list available, where last case comment is displayed, plus option to view all comments on demand in action dropdown.