• Ability to activate/deactivate products has been added – this makes it easy and quick to exclude the products from sale. Sellers can only sell currently offered products.


  • Order list changes: removed column “Date of status change”, added column “Created”.



  • Group of people which will receive notification can be configured as: employees only or all participants. Sending may be also disabled. Following actions now contain notifications sending: resolving, canceling, postponing, reopening and updating an assignee. Bulk actions are also concerned.

  • Web browser notification is now aware of permissions of user and disallows opening the object mentioned in the notification for insufficient access.


  • Email auto-responses have been added in request rules. Example: response may contain request confirmation with CREAM request’s number and deadline date of handling. Content of an email is configured through html template attached to a request rule.

  • New rule conditions have been added: traits of requester and sum of his requests. Example: different rules of handling request coming from regular customers.
  • Atachment analysis of incoming emails has been added. Rule can be hit depending on: existing of an attachment, name or type of an attachment.



  • Global search will now display max 5 results per type, with icon, name, number and description.

  • Minimum phrase to start search is 3 characters now.
  • Global search will display resulting phrase which is taken into search.

  • Search results page has now option to display more than 5 results per type by clicking “Show more” for selected type.


  • Bulks enabled in Case View, tab Participant History.

  • Enhanced user experience of case history view – selecting “communication only” filter makes all communication items expanded by default.
  • Sorting by participant in lists has been added.

  • Filtering by last comment in lists has been added.



  • Contact book lists have now possibility to set visible columns.

  • Clarified error messages of integration with external contact book.


  • Option to configure default “Add” action in main header has been added. Business administrators can define which object creation form will be display by default by clicking Add button. Other objects can be selected with dropdown.


  • Comment tabs collapse text after 1024 characters now (previously 255) for better readability.


  • Enhanced report preparation and delivery between Reporting engine and CREAM, resolving OutOfMemory exception while delivering report with big amount of data. The generated report is split into smaller parts for asynchronous delivery and then merged before being sent to the client (CSV).


  • Ability of changing widget title color has been added. Title in color helps users find appropriate widget in complex dashboard.

  • New (System) widget allowing to handle in generic way the campaigns for Leads. Registering new entry in Contact Book.



  • Improved way of searching products: after changing filters results are shown automatically, without approving searching parameters.

  • The individual application settings are enhanced with detailed descriptions, so users know exactly how the setting works.
  • New setting: discount policy – allows to set the default discount policy that a seller use when placing an order.

  • Possibility to download all missing attachments of products or their global reload.



  • Optimization view of products details – browsing products is much faster now.



  • Group view: possibility to select members of group, to display their activities on one list or activities of each member in separate lists.

  • Optimization of activity lists performance.
  • Duplicating archive activities (with new date).



  • Group view: possibility to select members of group, to display their activities on one list or activities of each member in separate lists.

  • Application is aware of object locking present in web CREAM.