• Actions done by the same user in the same time are displayed as one bundled stream entry.

  • Design of stream content reworked for better readability.

  • Different elements (activities, cases, requests etc) have individual filters in “History” tab, which displays more detailed stream, eg. contact history contains filters like “Traits changes” and “Type & Relation changes”, while request history has “Comments”, “Status changes” and “Traits changes”.


  • Automatic attach of cases in campaign is now available as a campaign subscription option (Hourly, Daily).


  • Ability to display Activities presented in the Calendar ownership type: creator, participant or assigned to.

  • Ability to search owner by type: Contact, Employee, Resource or Team.

  • Filters are now memorized individually to each widget instance, which gives possibility to have more calendar widgets with different information in one dashboard.


  • Enhanced managing of unsent emails: resetting counter of send attempts for emails and possibility to check size of email queue for each outbox. There is also possibility not to try re-sending, but to inform user about failure at once.


  • Enhanced user interface: new look of main navigation, buttons, dropdowns, filters and tabs.

  • Main header indicating information/warning messages visible to all users. Used by administrators to broadcast information about planned downtime or maintenance.

  • Filters unification between lists and tabs, eg. related cases tab in contact view provides equal filtering to main list in Cases module.


  • Improved campaign evaluation report performance: Generation time reduced from 50 s to 7 s for report containing nearly 20 000 records.


  • Synchronization of icons in contacts (iOS).

  • Assistant always appears when there comes a call – even if a caller is not registered in Assistant. The information that there is no history associated with a caller may be important to Assistant users (Android, iOS).


  • Improved order view – The order view has been enlarged and enriched with the Notes column so that the Seller does not need to open the details of the ordered product. Several cosmetic changes have also been implemented to make the order more readable. (iOS)