• Time conflicts are now identified directly during activity creation when setting/changing the date or selecting/changing each member. Conflict warning is displayed in header with possibility to display all identified conflicts as list or as calendar view by clicking appropriate link.

  • Participants field is now put directly before dates in creation form.

  • Ability to filter activities list by privacy option is now added.


  • Functionality of reopening closed (but not archived) activity in case workflow.


  • Stream and History tab with detailed information about changes is now enabled in case/activity definition view.


  • Ability to filter requests list by receive date.


  • Sales area permissions are no simplified. New roles added: Order coordinator and Storekeeper, Selller role limited and Sales Manager role removed.


  • When creating an account for new employee, system will send a welcome email. The email contains welcome message, information about login, granted permissions and a link to CREAM.

  • Email templates may contain: current date (also year, month, day separately), current month name, current day name and tenant name.


  • Stream and History tab with detailed information about changes is now enabled in employee view.


  • More enhancements for CREAM theme: form fields are modern, tabs in “Open XXX” are displayed as real tabs (not buttons), subtitles in lists are removed, list appearance is more gentle, pulse animation added to notifications and reminders counter.

  • When selecting an exact day – new button “Now” allowing to quickly select current day. Present in all places with date selection.

  • Simplified address format – now building number can be entered both with the street name.


  • Enhanced rules of synchronization limiting synchronized data. The synchronization process (especially when installing CREAM mobile applications) consumes less time now.

  • Improved stability by creating a lot of automatic tests.


  • Rearranged settings of application. Now settings are grouped in five sections: Integration, Synchronization, Synchronization settings, Activities settings and About/Advanced. (iOS, Android).


  • Improved orders list view – The orders list view has been enlarged and enriched with colors of order statuses – it makes the order list more readable (iOS).

  • Quick actions by swipe – The user can easily do such actions as: choose a customer, change the status of the order, remove the order (iOS).


  • Due to simplification permissions and created a new role, double login to the application has been eliminated.