• Ability to save selected filters in lists “All” has been added. Selected filters can be stored as user queries and reused later. Saved filter can be named and either set as private or shared with team or all employees. Saved filters can be found in main menu option “Recent” in section “Filters”. New functionality is available in lists of all activities, all cases, all requests, all contacts, all campaigns, activity and case definitions, resources, teams and employees.

  • Country dictionary used in address sections is now sorted alphabetically.


  • Upcoming activities has evolved into Awaiting activities widget – where list of upcoming activities is only one of three available options. Other options, divided in tabs are: list of overdue activities and list of unplanned activities.

  • Scheduling new activity in campaigns is now enhanced with validation that blocks selecting new activity timeplan in the past.


  • Products and Orders are no longer available as modules.

  • Spanish, Portuguese and French are no longer supported.