• Custom details dashboard added in activities. It is now possible to replace standard details section in activities with a widget – usually dedicated and developed specifically due to customer requirements.

  • Time Accounting in cases. System combines spent time/money of each workflow activity (time reported by assignees) into one widget, that might be added into case dashboard. Cost calculation is done automatically by setting price per hour, currency. Selected values might be overwritten by hand if needed.

  • Time Reporting in activities. Assigned employee may report the real handling time – which may not be equal to activity duration (from – to hours) nor to automatically monitored duration (time when activity was in progress). Functionality available as widget that might be added into activity dashboard.


  • Team work report – new report for team supervisors giving ability to review their team’s work balance. Report shows how many activities are assigned to team (expandable to each member) per day. Sums of activities per team in selected time period and per day in selected employee group are also available. Aside from standard table view data may be presented as heat map (allowing to easily identify load peeks) or as a bar chart (easy comparison of teams). Report has complex filtering options allowing to set specific perspectives.

  • Demonstration only – 4 new widgets that offer different visuals: heat map, line chart, bar chart, KPI indicators based on fake data.


  • Refresh button has been added in history tabs. Button optimizes behavior when reloading stream required to change filter twice with many clicks. Now it can be done with one click.


  • Contact registration while handling requests from unregistered people has been improved. Name and email address are already filled when creating a contact for request. Data is copied from original sender information.

  • New widget – Geo location – dedicated to requests handling. Widget shows information that can be acquired on the basis of Sender’s IP. When necessary, IP can be also entered manually.