• System is now hiding popup notifications when phone handling has started. When there are more employees bound to the same phone line (usually working in the same customer support group) and one of them starts handling the call, other employees will have call popups removed from interface. Handling the call means clicking on appropriate “Handle” button or creating request/communication/case from the popup. Also when customers calls again, system will identify older call popups and remove them from the interface.

  • Call recognition from lead customers. VoIP popup notification now presents all information about lead customer within campaigns (all data uploaded from target lists).


  • Completely new stand-alone app in CREAM solution, released independent from CREAM Backoffice. Target users are customers who want to check status of their issues and submit new requests. Customer (who is permitted to use Account Portal) may log in using unique credentials. Case data is limited to status (who and when is processing) and attachments. The functionalities delivered in 18.5 version of CREAM Account Portal are: presenting user’s profile with the basic information, a list of cases where logged user is a participant, case details, possibility to submit a new request


  • Possibility to grant a person (contact) the access to CREAM Account Portal by providing personal credentials.

  • Expandable list of contacts within an organization as well as a list of branch units. Improved readability of contact view.


  • System now displays activity resolution in Workflow views.

  • Expandable list of participants. Improved readability of activity and case views.


  • New theme of user interface inspired by material design by Google.