• Team work report is now enhanced with redirection from activity sum (for employee) to a list by clicking on the number. Displayed list will show the exact activities, assigned to selected employee and with all filters applied (like status, dates).


  • New view: Schedule which presents a daily plan of activities for a selected group of people/contacts/resources. Unlike the standard daily view it has two dimensions: time in columns and selected members in rows. Each member has row presenting his activities. This view may be especially useful when planning team work.


  • Search results are now enhanced with date of last update was added to search results. Found documents or comments are now presented with original names/content, related item (like case or acvitity) is presented with smaller font in second line.


  • Dashboard Tab is now hidden when not necessary – when configuration of the dashboard for contact/employee is empty, tab is not displayed.


  • Automatic remember and filling up the participant in the form is now longer available. This function caused a problem, that mostly such participant wasn’t wanted.

  • Joining as a participant to case/activity is now easier – similar to setting an assignee, in view there is a pencil icon which displays a simple popup to manage participants. Assigning participant by making a full edition of case/activity is no longer necessary.

  • Counter of documents in section with attachments is now added – the number is placed after section’s name in brackets.

  • Multiselect filters (like status) are now more usable. Additional redundant list of already selected values, which was displayed above value selection list is now removed. Selecting and removing a value from filter is now done in a single list by clicking on checkbox aside.