• Optimized main menu: menu is flat and divided by functional modules: contacts, cases, activities, requests etc. There is also new option “Recent” in the last position of the menu, which lists 10 recently visited items (combined from all functional modules). Changes are made to improve readability and save clicks when using menu for navigation.

  • Each functional module (when entered) displays now only one merged list of items with all tabs like “My”, “In progress”, “My teams” and “All”. Previously lists of open and all items were divided into separate views. Navigating between lists required many clicks. Open items view contained excessive number of headers. Changes were done to improve navigation and optimize display of lists.

  • Confirmation dialog has been added when leaving editing mode with Back button. New function prevents from navigating by mistake and not saving modified data (that previously could have been lost easily).


  • Search results will now present photo/logo set in a contact.


  • Activities are no longer divided into three separate modules: tasks, communication and appointments, placed in different menu locations. Instead there is now only one list of activities. They can be now filtered by type. Type of activity may be also changed after creation.

  • Schedule Activity – Several usability small improvements: 2 months preview in calendar, approximation to 15 minutes when setting a timeplan and easy navigation to the next month.